Matane–Baie-Comeau–Godbout Ferry

Practical information

Please read the following information to ensure you have a safe and pleasant crossing with us.



Please refer to our section on Transporting dangerous goods if you are travelling with: 

  • Propane
  • Gasoline
  • Other dangerous goods (Find out more, in French only)



Please be sure to arrive at the ferry terminal by no later than the following:

Car, motorcycle, snowmobile

30 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure

Vehicle longer than 6.4 m other than a car

30 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure



If you have a physical disability, please notify our attendants upon arrival at the ferry terminal if you require assistance to access the passenger deck.



As part of the commissioning of the new ship F.-A.-Gauthier, the STQ (Société des Traversiers du Québec) provides its clientele with new premises exclusively designed for their pets' comfort.

In order to improve all users' comfort and abide by the hygiene norms due to new catering services provided onboard, the customers will now have two possibilities:

  • Leave their pets in their cars,
  • Take advantage of the new premises equipped with cages, on the deck 5, for the rest and safety of their animals.

Thus, it will no longer be authorized to bring any pets on the outside decks or in the areas dedicated to passengers.

The board of directors makes a point of accepting pets onboard and to offering quality services in order to satisfy each and every client on their ships.



All passengers, except for drivers, are invited to board using the walkways for foot passengers, which connect the ferry terminal directly to the passenger lounge aboard the MV F.-A.-Gauthier.

Also, all passengers must stand clear of the stairwells before docking.



When boarding: 

  • Be sure to take all of the personal belongings you will need with you, since you will not be able to access your vehicle during the sailing.
  • Push your side mirrors in, as space on board is limited.
  • Wait for the green light or attendant’s instructions before proceeding.
  • Drive slowly onto the ferry.
  • Park in the space you are assigned.
  • Apply the parking brake and do not move your vehicle once parked.
  • Turn off your engine.
  • Do not leave any belongings in plain sight and lock your doors.
  • Use caution when walking between vehicles.

When offloading:

  • Please wait as long as possible before starting your engine.
  • Wait for instructions before driving onto the ramp.



Please keep your motorcycle parked during docking.



Please walk your bike on the boarding ramps.



Please fit wheels to the front of your snowmobile to make it easier to move on the ferry and prevent damage. 



  • This Wi-Fi service is currently in a breaking-in period and the connection cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please feel free to use this service to browse the Internet, send and receive emails and browse social networks.
  • Some sites are blocked and cannot be accessed in accordance with STQ network usage policies.
  • Download speeds may vary depending on your mobile device.
  • To limit excessive use of the onboard Wi-Fi service, STQ will reduce the network speed to 256 Kbit/s once a user has exceeded 75 Mb in data usage. Users are not permitted to stream videos or send or download large files.
  • This service is free of charge during the breaking-in period.