Declaration of services

Mission et customers

We're present where the road ends. We connect communities by ensuring maritime mobility in Quebec thanks to the know-how of our employees.

  • The services offered by the STQ make an important contribution not only to the economy of Quebec, but also to regional development, aiming to ensure the jobs and vitality of the territories of the province.
  • The STQ encourages social and economic exchanges between individuals and businesses.

The STQ ensures the transport of people and goods throughout Quebec thanks to its network of crossings and maritime services.

To continuously serve populations, it uses its fleet of ferries and other vessels, as well as land-based infrastructure. For certain crossings and services, the STQ also calls on operators who ensure the delivery of the service on behalf of the STQ.

In addition, it uses air or land transport services which are intended to be ancillary or complementary.

  • Our sleeper services have the following objectives:
  • To offer interregional transport;
  • To open up communities;
  • To offer a means of collective transport in urban areas;
  • To extend the route.

The STQ has a large fleet of ships and boats that it maintains, operates and manages for the benefit of its customers.

It also has extensive land infrastructure which includes docks, piers, buildings, ramps, holding areas, river stations and gatehouses.

Service quality commitments

The STQ is committed to ensuring:
  •  respectful, reliable and attentive service;
  • the confidentiality of personal information communicated over the telephone or online;
  • simplicity in obtaining services;
  • fair treatment in the provision of services;
  • accessibility of services taking into account the special needs of the clientele by applying reasonable accommodation measures.

Commitments to the organization's service standards

Purpose of the engagement


Serve customers with courtesy, competence and attention

Achieve a minimum overall satisfaction rate of 85%

Transport customers safely

Number of bodily accidents less than 0.4 per 100,000 passengers transported

Ensue the reliability of the service

Carry out at least 99.5% of the planned crossings, excluding those canceled for reasons beyond the control of the STQ

Publish service changes as quickly as possible

In 100 % of cases

Have succession plans and continuity of operations for the crossings used to open up communities

For 100% of the crossings that provide access to communities
Support and inform our customers at every stage of their journey

Achieve a minimum satisfaction rate of 85%

Listen to our customers, particularly by responding to comments and complaints

Within a maximum of 10 working days 


Responsibilities, remedies and complaints

Citizen feedback is important and helps improve our services.

Citizens are invited to submit their suggestions and complaints using the form available online on the Contact Us page.