Our vessels

Day after day, our ships ply the river, adapting to the changing tides and braving harsh winds, currents and ice conditions. Their strength allows them, each year, to carry millions of passengers and hundreds of thousands of people. vehicles as well as transporting thousands of tonnes of goods from one shore to the other, thus forging unwavering links within Quebec society.

Consult our descriptive sheets to discover the characteristics of each of our ships!

List of vessels

NM Alphonse-Desjardins

MV Alphonse-Desjardins

MV Alphonse-Desjardins, a ship assigned to the Quebec-Levis ferry, designates the founder of the Caisses populaires Desjardins.

MV Armand-Imbeau

MV Armand-Imbeau was named in memory of a famous designer and builder of ships from the Tadoussac region.

MV Catherine-Legardeur

The MV Catherine-Legardeur bears the name of the wife of Pierre de Saurel, first lord of Saurel and captain in the Carignan-Salières regiment.

MV F.-A.-Gauthier

MV F.-A.-Gauthier

MV F.-A.-Gauthier, for Félix-Adrien Gauthier, is the largest ship in our fleet offering various services to enhance the experience on board.

MV Félix-Antoine-Savard

MV Félix-Antoine-Savard was named after the famous writer, author of Menaud, master log driver.

MV Grue-des-Îles

MV Grue-des-Îles received this name in reference to L'Isle-aux-Grues where many migratory birds stop over in the spring and fall.

MV Ivan-Quinn

MV Ivan-Quinn is named after a colorful character from Entry Island. A friendly grocer and mayor of the island for many years, Mr. Quinn was also known for his talents as a musician and singer.

MV Alexandrina-Chalifoux

The MV Alexandrina-Chalifoux is named in honor of a pioneer in the dairy industry in the Sorel region.

MV Joseph-Savard

MV Joseph-Savard bears the name of the first settler of L'Isle-aux-Coudres.

MV Lomer-Gouin

MV Lomer-Gouin recalls the name of the 13th premier of Quebec who later became lieutenant-governor of the province of Quebec.

MV Mécatina II

The name Mécatina comes from the Montagnais word makatinau which means big mountain. Several entities of the region served by the MV Mécatina II bear this name, even the most important school of fish that roams in this sector is called Le banc de Mécatina.

MV Peter-Fraser

MV Peter-Fraser is named after the man of Scottish descent who first settled on Green Island at the end of the 18th century.

MV Radisson

The MV Radisson is named after a famous 17th century French explorer, fur trader and founder of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Royal Sea 23

The Royal Sea 23 acts as a relief vessel to cross the Saint-Augustin River. It can carry up to six passengers in open water.

ACV L'Esprit-de-Pakuashipi

The VCA L'Esprit-de-Pakuashipi is the name of the Saint-Augustin ferry hovercraft. This name is a lucky charm that protects the passengers of the ship during their crossings between the villages of Saint-Augustin and Pakuashipi, an Amerindian village which means dry river.

MV Armand-Imbeau II

MV Armand-Imbeau II was named in memory of a famous designer and builder of ships from the Tadoussac region.

MV Jos-Deschênes II

MV Jos-Deschênes II recalls the name of the first captain to assiduously ensure the crossings between Tadoussac and Baie-Sainte-Catherine.

MV Les Eaux Scintillantes

The MV Les Eaux Scintillantes acts as a watercraft at the Harrington Harbor-Chevery crossing. It can carry up to 16 passengers.

MV Rivière Saint-Augustin

The MV Rivière Saint-Augustin was designed specifically to meet the requirements of freight transport in the maritime region of the Lower North Shore and the Saint-Augustin River.