Technical stop of the MV Ivan-Quinn

The MV Ivan-Quinn will be in annual technical shutdown from May 16 to June 12, 2022. Any change of date will be communicated to customers.

The crossings will then be made by Excursions en mer and the MV Béatrice-Hubert according to the regular schedule. Remember that this ship is entirely pedestrian. The STQ therefore invites customers to plan the transport of large goods and vehicles by May 16.

Delivery of goods from May 16

For reasons of safety and capacity of the ship, only small goods will be accepted on board the MV Béatrice-Hubert.

For the shipment of goods, an employee will be available on site one (1) hour before the scheduled departure time. They must be received no later than 10 minutes before the crossing.

For the reception of the goods, the crew will be available on site up to 15 minutes after the arrival of the vessel.

Regular rates will apply. They will be payable directly on board the NM Béatrice Hubert by credit card, debit card or cash.

The service is provided in partnership with the CTMA Group.

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