AVC L'Esprit-de-Pakuashipi

In service on the Saint-Augustin River, the AVC L'Esprit-de-Pakuashipi hovercraft evokes a lucky name supposed to protect passengers during their crossings between the village of Saint-Augustin and the airport located near the Innu community of Pakua Shipi, whose name means “dry river”. This hovercraft, the only one of its kind in Canada, was built specifically for the needs of the ferry. It can circulate on water, ice or dry land.

Technical specs

  • Year of construction 2012
  • Builder Griffon Hoverwork, Southampton, R.-U.
  • Length with skirts (m) 12,7
  • Width with skirts (m) 6,1
  • Draft loaded 0,52
  • Gross tonnage (tons) 1
  • Net tonnage (tons)
  • Clearance without cushion (m) 3,2
  • Capacity - Passengers 16
  • Total engine power (kW) 390
  • Cruising speed (knots) 35
  • Boardin Side
  • Propulsion Propeller (1), rear
  • Main Engines Deutz
  • Minimum workforce 2