Becoming an engineer officer

Engineer officers make sure the engine room runs smoothly. Without them, a ship can’t go anywhere and will be grounded.

Chief Engineer Officer

Under the command of the ship manager, the Chief Engineer Officer:

  • Organizes, coordinates and manages all operations in the engine room
  • Ensures and oversees installation, maintenance and repairs of equipment and machinery

Second Engineer Officer

Under the orders of the Chief Engineer Officer, the Second Engineer Officer ensures the smooth running, maintenance and repairs of equipment and machinery in the engine room.

How to become an engineer officer

To become a Société des traversiers du Québec engineer officer, you must have:

  • A college certificate in mechanical engineering, or the equivalent
  • A marine engineer’s certificate (of an appropriate class for the position applied for)
  • A medical certificate as required by Transport Canada
  • Approximately one year of relevant experience

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