Becoming a navigation officer

Navigation officers are the crew members in command of the ship. It’s their job to oversee the vessel’s movements and ensure the safety of the passengers.


Reporting to the ship manager, the Captain:

  • Commands and directs all movements of the vessel
  • Oversees all activities taking place on board
  • Acts as a representative of Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ)
  • Provides professional assistance to the various ferry teams

Chief Officer

The Captain’s second-in-command, the Chief Officer:

  • Conducts the routine manoeuvres of the vessel
  • Coordinates the ship’s personnel
  • Oversees the loading and unloading of vehicles and passengers

How to become a navigation officer

To become an STQ navigation officer, you must have:

  • A college certificate in navigation, or the equivalent
  • An Ocean Navigator certificate of competency (if you want to become a Captain)
  • A First Mate certificate and proof of completion of marine emergency duties training (if you want to become a Chief Officer)
  • A medical certificate as required by Transport Canada
  • Relevant experience

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