Mandatory reservations

Reservations are mandatory to cross with the MV Les Eaux Scintillantes.

For reservation on the taxi-boat, please call at 418 787-0100 before 17 h 00the day before crossing. If there is no answer, leave a message with your name, time of departure and phone number. A confirmation call will be made.

If you do not have a reservation, it is always possible to go directly to the wharf, 15 minutes before the departure time but the crossing is not guaranteed.

Please note that if more than 12 passengers have a reservation, an extra trip will be added.

Practical information

Please read the following information to ensure you have a safe and pleasant crossing with us.


  • Travellers connecting with air or maritime transport, students from Harrington Harbour studying at Netagamiou School and the workers who must travel for their job from Harrington Habour or from Chevery will have priority.
  • Passengers must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure.
  • Children under 14 are not allowed without a responsible adult who will take responsability.
  • Dangerous goods are not permitted on board. (Find out more)
  • Consumption of alcohol and tobacco is strictly prohibited on board.
  • Pets are accepted on board the MV Les Eaux Scintillantes provided they travel in a closed transport cage. Unless other passengers advise otherwise, the presence of the animal in the cage inside the cabin is authorized.
  • Reservations are mandatory for those who want to cross from Chevery to Harrington Harbour to come aboard the MV Bella-Desgagnés. Departure from Chevery will be one hour prior to the arrival of the MV Bella-Desgagnés. For reservations, please call 418 787-0100, 24 hours before departure and leave a message. No confirmation call will be returned. To consult the schedule of the MV Bella-Desgagnés visit: or contact their local agent.
  • To know the schedule of the MV Bella Desgagnés visit or contact Relais Nordik's local agent.
  • Schedule subject to change based on weather conditions, without prior notice.