Marine training

Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ) offers the key training that is required to work in the marine industry in Quebec.

Together with the marine industry workforce sectoral committee, IMQ develops college-level programs focused on the real needs of companies in the marine sector.

Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ)

IMQ provides practical training programs designed to give graduates a fast track into the job market. The placement rate is practically 100%.

It offers five regular training programs that cover the following fields of specialization:

  • Naval architecture technology
  • Navigation (opens the door to Captain and Navigation Officer positions)
  • Marine mechanical engineering (required for Engineer Officer and Chief Engineer Officer positions)
  • Transport logistics
  • Professional diver training

IMQ also offers a "student fora day" program, as well as a number of professional development programs tailored to the needs of the marine industry.

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Marine industry workforce sectoral committee (CSMOIM)

CSMOIM is a rich source of information about careers, training programs and employers in the marine industry.

As part of its mission, CSMOIM addresses training needs for the next generation, in the short, medium and long term, by: 

  • Developing in-depth knowledge of the key issues affecting the marine industry workforce in Quebec
  • Determining vocational training needs
  • Promoting careers and trades in the marine industry
  • Coordinating training centres
  • Improving access to professional development

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